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If you are facing a difficult legal problem, now is not the time to take chances. You need a lawyer that has extensive experience, commitment to your cause and a proven track record of success. When results matter, make the right choice.

Steve Hall sets out to win cases.  Mr. Hall dedicates a large portion of his practice to defending individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes in the state and federal courts. In all legal matters, Steve Hall will strive to meet or exceed his clients’ expectations. To discuss your specific issue with a proven trial attorneys, call his office at 866-479-2904 to schedule a free consultation.


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Drug Crimes

Charged with a Drug Crime in Texas? If you have been charged...


WARNING YOU ONLY HAVE 15 DAYS from the date of your arr...

Immigration Detainers

Immigration Detainer On March 3, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for...

Civil Rights Violations

Wrongful death A wrongful death lawsuit is an action brought by the survivors...

Criminal Justice for the Undocumented – Part I

Right now, the only practicing criminal defense lawyer in Cactus is concerned that his clients are being unfairly targeted because of their legal status in this country. Steve Hall told Pronews 7 that he’s seen many cases in the area around Cactus and Dumas where undocumented folks are unfairly treated by the criminal justice system. District attorney David Green says this isn’t the case at all, as all people regardless of status go through the same process when his office is involved.

Criminal Justice for the Undocumented: Part II

Criminal Justice for the Undocumented, we took you to Cactus and talked with an undocumented immigrant about why he felt targeted by the district attorney. For part two, David Grasso-Ortega will sit down with two local DA’s and find out what powers are granted to district attorneys in Texas, and if it’s legal for them to investigate crimes related to immigration status